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My Mindset|My Sixteen Years

My Mindset

I’ll never be right, but the system I follow will be right, 

My gears keep changing, its love and soul are eternal, 

Any flaw is mine, so how will I know if the system’s right? 

I warn you with my 16 years of life, 

That…faith isn’t a gift you receive,

But it starts when you read, 

And ends when your on your knees. 

Think and feel, 

Then find your system and belief. 

My 16 Years 

I’m just…
Reminiscing on the days,
When I used to use the phrase,
“Every mistake I’d make
 Was OK”,
Because ever since the 5th grade,
Cooty shots would be replaced,
With who’s your girl?
And who’s your date?
They would tell me to
 “Follow the flow”
And live life to the fullest.
But these were lost souls,
Living a lifestyle,
Trying to be the coolest.
Over time
I became a product of this way of life,
Not knowing,
Just doing,
What I thought was right.

That all changed one day,
When I saw in plain sight,
My reflection in the mirror,
So I asked myself,
 What am I doing with my life?
Because it turns out
I’m human and I’m flawed,
So how could I become my own God?
And that’s what left me with this thought.
You get what’s given,
And need to leave what’s forbidden.
Make your mistakes correct,
So they’ll be nothing to regret,
But it’ll just raise your intellect
And get everything set.
Always remember to do your best.
'Cause this life is a test,
For you to take care of the pain upon your chest.
Even if the devil is a threat,
Believe me, these hardships are blessed.
'Cause it's God trek
For you to perfect,
And keep your belief in check.

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